Aurélie Lecocq

Senior Consultant
Ph.D in Education

Fields of Expertise:

School governance; educational policies; comparative analyses of educational systems; educational statistics;  inequality of success and prevention of school failure; risk factors and protective factors associated with students having learning difficulties and students dropping out.




Child well-being; stress and mental health (depression, anxiety); distress and cancer; aging population.


Development, implementation and evaluation of policy;  Econometrics of program evaluation (Heckman's model, propensity score matching, difference in differences).

Program evaluation 


Aurélie Lecocq is a consultant in program evaluation and an affiliated researcher at the Center for Research on Education and Community Services (CRECS) at University of Ottawa.  Her professional interests are motivated by a better understanding of educational policies in Canada and at an international level, through the monitoring and evaluation of programs, as well as through research. Her professional activities are organized around two axes : analysis of educational policies, with a specialization in monitoring and evaluation of program in developing countries, and analysis of health issues and programs. After an experience in international cooperation in Asia, she specialized in program evaluation and acquired an expertise in quantitative methods of evalluation (program evaluation econometrics). In addition to her collaboration with the academic word, Aurélie works with several organisations and participates to the redaction of governmental reports. 


Aurélie has successfully completed two postdoctoral appointments in Psychoeducation at Université de Montréal and Université de Sherbrooke. She holds a doctorate in Education from Université de Bourgogne and has a master degree in monitoring and evaluation of educational system in developing countries, from Institut Universitaire Professionnelle Denis Diderot.        


Main affiliations
  - Affiliated Researcher at CRSEC
  - Member of the Canadian Evaluation Society